Industries That Use Fiber Optic Cabling on a Regular Basis

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Fiber optic cabling forms the backbone of telecommunications networks in the United States and around the world. Without fiber optics, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with phones, watch our favorite movies from home, or use the internet. Today’s blog from CKC Data Solutions discusses the main industries that use fiber optic cabling on a regular basis.


Telecommunications companies use fiber optic cabling constantly. Landlines, cellphone towers, and internet providers all maintain their near-instantaneous connections thanks to fiber optics. Telecommunications are vitally important when people need critical information quickly.


Modern vehicles use fiber optic cabling for two main reasons. Fiber optic lighting doesn’t need a lot of space or electricity to function. More importantly, cars need fiber optics for advanced safety features because the tiny glass cables transmit information at light speed. Traction control and airbags use fiber optic cabling to make decisions in a split second that could save your life.

Medical & Health Care

Fiber optics were originally intended for medical uses in the 1950s and 1960s. Endoscopes use fiber optic cables to light up the surgical area within the body for minimally invasive procedures. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is the light-equivalent of an ultrasound. Fiber optics allow for very precise, high-resolution, and 3-D images of organs and tissues so doctors can diagnose and treat patients. Much like advanced auto technology and telecommunications, fiber optics can save people’s lives when used in the medical field.

Security, Military & Aerospace

Fiber optic cabling offers a very secure data transmission method. The military and aerospace industries use fiber optics to make sure their telecommunications are secure. Fiber optics are used for sensors, lighting, communications, missile detection, security, and surveillance systems. 

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