What Is a Certified Network Cable Installer?

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You need to install a new security system or video surveillance system and aren’t sure what to do. Who do you call? CKC Data Solutions is a Springfield, Mo-based company that focuses on Certified Network Cable Installation. Many people are not familiar with the world of fiber optic installation and the primary purpose it serves in day-to-day living. In today’s blog, our experts at CKC Data Solutions will discuss the purpose of a Certified Network Cable Installer and how it correlates to what we do as a company.

Certified Network Cable Installer

A Certified Network Cable Installer is a professional that focuses on the implementation of network cabling infrastructure for an organization. This includes copper and fiber cable installation. Network Installers concentrate on installation, testing, and survey exercises to maintain your cable infrastructure once it is set up. 

Who Uses Them?

EVERYONE. Network cable infrastructure consists of copper and fiber optic cables. These are the primary sources of connection between all things in the technology world, from your internet connection to security footage of your property. All communication between your electronic devices within the building on your property must travel through fiber optic cables. 

What Does CKC Specialize In?

Excellent question! Here at CKC Data Solutions, we specialize in electronic security and telecommunications consulting. We assist in areas related to:

  • Access Control Installation/Service
  • Electronic Burglar Service
  • Fire Installation and service
  • Monitoring Services 

We are happy to assist with fiber optic installation for organizations across the U.S. 

CKC Data Solutions for Fiber Optic Installation

Fiber optics systems, and those that install them, are not as intimidating as they seem, at least to the experienced team at CKC Data Solutions! We hope this article helped shed some light on what one of our Certified Network Cable Installers does. If you still have questions, reach out to CKC Data Solutions and let our experts guide you through it! 

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