Taking a Look at BICSI Certification Standards

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Everybody wants the top industry professional to assist with installing their network cabling infrastructure within their organization. Of course, they do; this infrastructure will be the connecting point between workers and clients. It could be the difference between efficient product delivery and a mistake. For this reason, we believe that certifying our installers to the highest standard is the best option for the quality of service we provide to our clients. Our experts at CKC Data Solutions will discuss BICSI Certification Standards and why they set us apart from others in the industry in today’s blog.

What is BICSI?

The Building Industry Consulting Service International, BISCI, is the organization that recognizes the certification of Network Cable Installers for fibre optics. Their standard for certification is very high, which ensures quality installers leave with their certification. 

BICSI Standards Program

The professional consultation of over 500 global professionals has led to the creation of the BICSI International Standards Program. 

This program has assisted with regulating accepted standards across all systems within the ICT spectrum, including voice, data, IoT, ESS and FLS, IP-enabled systems, and data centers. This expectation is set across all three forms of network cabling: fibre optic, wireless, and copper. 

Those involved with the Standards Program also assist with creating code and writing bodies for safe practice worldwide. Those who join the Standards Program become certified to participate in these activities around the world as elite professionals.

Areas of Specialization 

  • Data Center
  • Building Systems
  • Wireless Systems
  • Premises
  • Installation
  • GSP
  • General


We are a proud member of BICSI International. Our company chooses to utilize BICSI certification standards because we care about keeping up with the latest industry standards. By staying updated, we prevent potential system overrides by an outside user and crashes due to wear and tear of your network. 

BICSI covers multiple avenues of focus that would otherwise leave out of the industry. Everything is included: design, project management, installation, and maintenance. BISCI prepares companies to do it all. 

CKC Data Solutions And The Changing Technological Environment

At CKC Data Solutions, we recognize the importance of a changing technological environment. This is why we choose to embrace the communities that most allow network cabling to thrive. We focus on providing an international network to connect with amongst both clients and partnered certified network specialists. We firmly believe creating a network of internationally recognized specialists is the best option for both our customers and the technological world as a whole. Contact us or call (417) 812-5251 for more information on what we can do for your business.

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