What’s a Wireless Site Survey? Why Does My Facility Need One?

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To ensure that your business’ network functions at peak performance, you’ll need to invest in intentional planning and wireless infrastructure before you implement your wireless network. An important part of this process is called a wireless site survey. 

But, what is a wireless site survey and why do you need one for your facility? In this blog, we’ll explain with answers from the experts at CKC Data Solutions.

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What is a wireless site survey?

A wireless site survey is a survey that identifies places in a commercial facility that don’t have enough wireless connectivity for the equipment or mobile devices in an area.

To conduct a wireless site survey, an engineer may use a handheld spectrum analyzer to measure signal strength and possible interference. Experts can also use prediction tools that use your building’s floor plans and proposed wireless node locations to predict coverage mathematically (as opposed to using physical measurements).

Why does my facility need a wireless site survey?

A wireless site survey is very important because it will determine the physical factors in your facility’s environment that will impact the effectiveness of your wireless network. For example, a wireless site survey report will provide the following details:

  • The number of access points needed for sufficient coverage.
  • Hardware and accessory recommendations to meet your facility’s needs.
  • Any on-site obstacles that will prevent or hinder the behavior of radio waves as they travel.
  • A site map that includes mounting locations, cable path, network cabinets, and access points installation.

Essentially, a wireless site survey and the associated report give the client and the installation company all the essential details needed to ensure that fiber optics are correctly installed and will be able to function at peak efficiency. As a result, the survey is well worth the time and money required to get it done.

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Who can perform a wireless site survey for my company in Springfield, Missouri?

CKC Data Solutions. Our certified experts are available to complete a wireless site survey for your facility when you’re ready. Simply call (417) 812-5251 or contact us online for more details.

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