Access Control

Your facilities are tailored to your business. Your team is made up of the people you need, and nobody else. So why settle for a generic access control system that doesn’t fit your needs? CKC can customize access control for your company, tailored to the number of points of access you want to control, the number of people on your team, and any other factors. You can also control access based on clearance level, time of day, and more.

Analytics allow you to track and log your team as they move through points of access, so you can record and pinpoint their location. In the event of an emergency or evacuation, you can identify if any employees are still inside, and where exactly they are. Your access control system can also be linked to your camera security software to snap a photo of the accessor and confirm their identity.


Card Access

We can develop a card system for your team that does more than control access. Each card can be tied to a specific team member, and loaded with information specific to them. If there is an accident on the job, your team members access cards can be loaded with custom fields of information, such as their insurance, next of kin, blood type, and any other information that may be needed urgently.



In addition to card access, CKC can install palm scanning, thumbprint readers, iris scanners, and more biometric identifiers.


Multi-Site Software

If you have multiple sites that need to run off of the same access control system, we can develop a system that feeds every site’s data to one central control. Cloud-based systems are also great for multi-site systems because they can offer control in multiple locations at once.



We want to make sure your team is confident in using your access control software. That’s why we include training on how to use everything we set up for you. After training is complete, we’ll also connect you with the manufacturers’ customer support in case any concerns arise later on.


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