Wireless solutions from CKC Data Solutions go beyond keeping your employees connected throughout the office or with remote work from cloud-based software. Our wireless technology installation allows you to expand your current wireless capabilities,, utilize smart appliances and lighting, access security cameras, and more.

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Integrated Technology

Wireless installation solutions from CKC Data Solutions work with your existing technology, smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, and laptops. We integrate wireless functionality seamlessly with software, and any hardware we install is unobtrusive. If your internal cabling needs an upgrade, we’ll discuss that option with you, too.

Wireless Heat Maps

Wireless heat maps show you where your Wi-Fi has weak points or vulnerabilities. You may already know of a few problem areas where this happens. Does your equipment suddenly drop off when you enter a particular area? Does your financial team have plenty of bandwidth but your sales team has trouble staying connected?

CKC Data Solutions uses the world’s best wireless heat map software to address these issues. AirMagnet finds interference points, a lack of signals, or something in your facility that blocks the signal. The top-of-the-line software surveys for Wi-Fi 6, AX signals, and more. Our team uses the most updated AirMagnet software available so we can design and deploy wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ax LANs and hardware for optimal performance, security, and compliance.

Installing Wireless Hardware

Our expert team at CKC Data Solutions installs the hardware you need for the most efficient wireless connectivity. Whether you have a brand-new facility or need to solve any signal drop-offs at your current building, we’ll perform an audit of your current bandwidth and let you know what you need to optimize your wireless capabilities.

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