Air blown fiber optic cabling allows you to optimize your current conduit space. It eliminates downtime on future installations and takes less time to install than traditional cabling.

Bundles of Cables Tied Together

The team at CKC Data Solutions can install air blown fiber optic cabling to replace your current data network or to supplement current lines when you need to expand your communications capabilities due to technology upgrades or repurposing a part of your plant. 

How does ABF work?

Air blown fiber optic cabling (ABF) works thanks to pressurized nitrogen or compressed air blown into the conduit that houses the fiber optic cables. Our technicians will test the integrity of each conduit to make sure this process works correctly. Once the test checks out, we install new fiber optic cable within your existing conduits.

You install a pathway or conduit once. Then we add ABF later without any additional pathways needed.

Benefits of Air Blown Fiber Optic Cabling

Air blown fiber optic cabling is ideal for facilities that already have existing fiber optic networks and infrastructure. We assess your current system, determine the right amount of cabling for your needs, and add it to already-existing conduits. Modern facilities have large enough conduit spaces built into them to accommodate growth and expansion. All it takes is some compressed air and runs of fiber optic cable to make the expansion work. 

Traditional installations take three days and may disrupt your processes.. Air blown fiber takes just half a day. You save on labor costs and eliminate disruptions to your staff.

Future-Proofing Your Telecommunications Infrastructure

Telecommunications standards change as technology progresses. Five years from now, you’ll need more bandwidth within your facility. ABF cabling saves you money down the road. By your second installation, you get a return on your investment.

You may repurpose or re-tool a part of your plant to take on new products or expand your capabilities every year or so. You’ll need more fiber optics in that part of the plant as you install upgraded technology. Air blown blow fiber optics gives you flexibility when you schedule upgrades. 

Additional Integrity

Air blown fiber optic cabling has plastic skins with special friction properties. The skin protects the inner fiber optics during installation, but it also protects against abrasion, wear, and breaking. This makes installing future fiber optics safer when you need to expand. 

Our Expertise

Technicians at CKC Data Solutions understand how to install air blown fiber optic cabling in a wide variety of facilities, configurations, lengths, and thicknesses. Our experts can come to your facility, test your current fiber optic system, and give you a quote for expanded communications capabilities at your company.

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The CKC team works with businesses all over the United States. We assist companies in and around our headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, particularly those in Southwest Missouri, Northwest Arkansas, Southeast Kansas, and Northeast Oklahoma.

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