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How Does Fiber Optic Cabling Work?

CKC Data Solutions installs fiber optic cabling and air blown fiber optic cabling at businesses across Southwest Missouri. Fiber optics are vital to modern communications, particularly when it comes to data transmission across long distances. Today’s blog from CKC Data Solutions answers the question, “How does fiber optic cabling work?” Composition of Fiber Optic Cabling […]


Ethernet Network Cable Versus Fiber Optics: Pros & Cons

  Telecommunications equipment uses two main types of wires to transmit information: Ethernet network cables and fiber optics. Both types of technology are everywhere. Which one is right for you? Today’s blog from CKC Data Solutions explains the pros and cons of ethernet network cables versus fiber optics. How Ethernet Network Cables and Fiber Optics […]


CKC Data Solutions Is a Certified Air-Blown Fiber Optic Cable Provider

CKC Data Solutions installs fiber optic cabling, access control hardware, IP camera systems, wireless hardware, and security systems in your facility. One technology we take pride in is air-blown fiber optic cabling solutions. This is when we use high-pressure air to install new lengths of cable into your existing infrastructure. We’re proud to be a […]

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