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What Are the Differences Between Single Mode and Multimode Fiber Optics?

Fiber optic cables have been a viable technology dating back to the 1970s. They are made of very thin pieces of glass that transmit light very effectively. Today, advances in fiber optic cable allow installers and technicians to install cables quickly and efficiently, including single-mode and multimode fiber optic cables. In today’s blog, CKC Data […]


How Our Teams Avoid Friction Build-Up With Air Blown Fiber Installation

Air blow fiber optic cable installation future-proofs your facility’s telecommunications infrastructure. With just the second install at some point in the future, air blown fiber optics pay for themselves due to the reduction of labor costs and downtime. In today’s blog post from CKC Data Solutions, we talk about how our teams avoid friction build-up […]


How an Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable Machine Works

Air-blown fiber optic cable represents an exceptional long-term value for your facility. Air-blown installation can pay for itself in savings the next time you need to update or expand your telecommunications infrastructure. Today’s blog from CKC Data Solutions explains how an air-blown fiber optic cable machine works. Portable Machine When we come to your facility, […]


How Ethernet Cables and Protocols Work for Network Cabling

Without Ethernet cables, your computer network wouldn’t function. Ethernet cables have been an industry staple for decades, and they form the backbone of your building’s telecommunications network. Today’s blog from CKC Data Solutions explains how Ethernet cables and protocols work for network cabling. Physical Characteristics Remember landline phones? They aren’t as common anymore, thanks to [...]


Why Network Cabling Isn’t a DIY Project for Your Business

Network cabling seems simple enough. You’ve seen how-to videos, and you may have installed network cables at your home when you bought your computer, TV, or smart home device. However, it’s probably best to leave cable installation to experienced, professional installers when it comes to a commercial building. CKC Data Solutions explains why network cabling […]


Why You Need Audio-Visual Solutions for Remote Meetings

Remote meetings and videoconferences have become more vital than ever for businesses in the United States. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic caused people everywhere to rethink traditional meetings and opt for high-tech solutions that still make it plausible to see every nuanced look and hear every word spoken during a meeting. CKC Data Solutions explains why […]


What Does BICSI Certification Mean for Network Cable Installation?

Everybody at CKC Data Solutions is trained in BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) standards. This means we’re trained and tested on the best practices for all information and communication technology (ICT) installation, maintenance, and repair. Today’s blog from CKC Data Solutions explains what our BICSI Certification means. Telecommunication Industry Standard High-tech [...]

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