Fire Alarm and Burglar Intrustion Alarm Installation

You have poured unlimited energy and dedication into your business and it exists because of your hard work. That is not something we take for granted. Your business is of inestimable value and deserve to be protected so you can relax during your time off, knowing it is in good hands.

CKC makes it easy for you to keep your life’s work safe by installing fire alarm and burglar intrusion alarms that cover every aspect of the building. In addition to the standard door sensors, our alarm system detects heat, audio, and window breaks and can be customized for any size business whether it is a small business, commercial, institutional or industrial.


Door Sensors

A surprising amount of break ins utilize the front door! Our burglar alarm protects your doors so you will know immediately if any unwelcome entry occurs.


Window Breaks

You can’t always rely on the ears of a passerby to raise an alarm if a burglar attempts entry by breaking a window. CKC’s burglar alarm senses window breaks and alerts you immediately.


Motion Sensors

In addition to protecting windows and doors against unwelcome entry, our burglar/fire alarm includes the added security of motion sensors to ensure that everything is safe and sound.


Audio Detectors

Even an invisibility cloak couldn’t keep a burglar from detection in the businesses we guard because the sensors include audio detection! Even the faintest sounds that are out of the ordinary will immediately alert our alarm systems to a potential burglar intrusion.


Heat and Smoke Detection

Our fire alarm system is created with the double security feature of smoke and heat detection so even the smallest fires will not go unnoticed.


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