Data center solutions by CKC Data Solutions incorporate BICSI best practices for data and physical security. Our installs focus on requirements, methods, and best practices related to the installation of ICT cabling and related infrastructure.

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Rack and Cabinet Installation

No two data centers are alike. Our staff ensures proper assembly and installation of racks and cabinets in your facility. We examine your space and equipment requirements, lay out the design of the additional electronics, and implement a custom installation that meets your needs. Whether you need one vertical rack or 50, our experts know how to arrange them to eliminate any disruptions to your services. Our staff installs the horizontal and vertical data connections as well as terminating the data lines.

Wire Management Systems

Wiring looks like organized chaos in the floor and ceiling. However, every single wire has a place. One missing or cut cable can lead to disruptions. Wire and cable management is perhaps the most important aspect of data center organization. The staff at CKC Data Solutions doesn’t take wire management lightly.

Ladder Tray Systems

Ladder tray systems help organize massive amounts of wire and cables along the ceiling. These structures are sturdy, reduce electrical shock, and can be sized to fit your facility. Ladder trays run horizontally and vertically, depending on the configuration of your building.

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