The audio-visual needs of businesses both large and small are becoming increasingly complex. In order to meet these growing needs, CKC Data Solutions offers premium audio-visual solutions designed to create a connected commercial environment. 

Commercial audio-visual solutions are no longer as simple as setting up a microphone and a projector. Businesses demand computer interfaces, rigging, power distribution, lighting, wireless internet connectivity, and virtual meeting interfaces.

Our Audio-Visual Process

CKC Data Solutions will consult with you to diagnose and determine the needs of your business. Our team offers our expertise, support, design, and integration to ensure you receive the ideal commercial audio-visual setup for your unique business requirements. We are focused on delivering innovative technology that will fit any business budget. 

After we have obtained all of the information we need for your project, our team does the installation and setup of your audio-visual system.  We take care of everything, from installation to rigging to equipment programming. When you choose CKC Data Solutions, you can be sure your business will have a finished, fully-tested audio-visual system that’s ready to use.

We Create Exceptional Meeting Experiences

CKC Data Solutions designs easy-to-operate conferencing and AV presentation systems in your meeting space or executive conference room. Our turnkey meeting spaces are ready to host corporate conferences, your weekly office meeting, or any other audio-visual requirements. 

Professional Troubleshooting and Maintenance

If you have an existing audio-visual system that isn’t working the way you wish it would, or maybe you have run into issues — CKC Data Solutions can help. Our expert team will inspect, diagnose, and correct your problem. Whether your loudspeaker system has low audio quality, your high definition TV system doesn’t offer an excellent picture, or your cabling system is out of control, CKC Data Solutions can ensure your audio-visual system is optimized.

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