IP Camera Solutions

What is an IP Camera?

An Internet Protocol Camera, or IP camera, is a digital camera that transfers power and data through Ethernet cables. These cameras are typically used to help manage security in stores, factories, and other commercial properties. This digital technology allows for far more control over the image you capture, such as zooming, image correction, facial recognition and object tracking.

Our Process

If you are considering an IP camera system, CKC can do a walkthrough of your facility and help you define your surveillance goals. Once this is done, CKC will design a system custom tailored for your space. They will pick a brand of cameras that works best, decide on the quantity and placement of them, and configure them all to the appropriate software for your team.

CKC will also train your team on how to navigate the system software and its functions. These functions can include smart search, which allows you to intelligently search for video elements throughout your archive. You can also draw a box around an area in your video to monitor specific changes within those parameters. All of your archived footage is saved digitally, either to a local server or the cloud.

If your camera system is getting old, upgrade to IP Cameras that will make surveillance easier for you and your team.

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