CKC Data Solutions Is a Certified Air-Blown Fiber Optic Cable Provider

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CKC Data Solutions installs fiber optic cabling, access control hardware, IP camera systems, wireless hardware, and security systems in your facility. One technology we take pride in is air-blown fiber optic cabling solutions. This is when we use high-pressure air to install new lengths of cable into your existing infrastructure. We’re proud to be a certified air-blown fiber optic cable provider for world-class cable manufacturers.

Our Process

As a certified air-blown fiber optic cable provider, we bring all the equipment and materials we need to get the job done right. Our motor in the blowing equipment moves fiber bundles up to 150 feet per minute. Nitrogen is blown into the tube cells, which helps the fiber flow through the tube easily. Air pressure within each tube controls the speeds of the fiber.

Our techs test conduits first before blowing any cables into them. Once the test comes back positive, we can install new fiber optic cables in your facility in less than a day.

When you have future expansions of air blown fiber, there is little-to-no downtime and it reduces your labor costs versus a traditional fiber install. You get a return on your investment with the second installation of air blown fiber optic cable.

How Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable Installations Work

As a certified air blow fiber optic cable provider, we specialize in the most rugged and reliable air blown cables in the telecommunications industry. Mounting brackets are small and compact, and they allow for easy cable organization at the line’s termination point.

We install air-blown fiber optic cables to meet the specifications of any project. There are varying sizes of ducts with air blown fiber, so we’ll design a system that’s right for you. Fiber counts range from 6 to 96 per microcable, fitting in a space no wider than 4.5 millimeters (0.18 inches) in diameter. Cable lengths max out at 3,000 feet per bundle on smaller wires and 1,500 feet on larger cables.

Custom Solutions for Each Client

We understand that every client has different needs. The staff at CKC Data Solutions will work with you to develop a customized solution, from designing a telecommunications system and choosing the correct products to installation and follow-up. We want to earn your business as Southwest Missouri’s top air blown fiber optic cable provider.

We’ll create a solution based on your projected growth, budget, and future development without a “one size fits all” approach.

Warrantied Work for Peace of Mind

Because we’re certified by our air blown fiber optic cable providers, we offer a 25-year warranty on air blown fiber installations. If a non-certified installer touches the product, it voids the warranty.

CKC Data Solutions: Your Certified Air-Blown Fiber Optic Cable Provider

CKC Data Solutions uses only state-of-the-art supplies and equipment when it comes to air-blown fiber optic cable providers. We install top-quality telecommunications infrastructure for your building. Contact CKC Data Solutions or call (417) 812-5251 for more information.

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