Why Network Cabling Isn’t a DIY Project for Your Business

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Network cabling seems simple enough. You’ve seen how-to videos, and you may have installed network cables at your home when you bought your computer, TV, or smart home device. However, it’s probably best to leave cable installation to experienced, professional installers when it comes to a commercial building. CKC Data Solutions explains why network cabling isn’t a DIY project for your business.


Perhaps the biggest reason to hire a professional for network cabling installation is the time factor. You have to spend time ordering the cables, finding the right tools, looking at the architectural plans, and figuring out where the cables need to go. Then there’s the actual install. Can you afford a lot of downtime for your business? Rather than shut down for a day or longer, you can focus on your core business model while we do the legwork of a cable installation.

Compliance with Building Codes

Your commercial facility may not fall under the auspices of the same building codes as a home. Professional installers, like the team at CKC, understand and abide by building codes to ensure your network cabling installation is up to spec. Building codes aren’t just there for safety. They exist to make sure your building is the most efficient it can possibly be.

Testing the Connections

The CKC Data Solutions team tests the network cabling solutions as we create them. We make sure the connections are solid, go in the correct spot on your router, and lead to the right hardware. Are you increasing bandwidth for wireless connections? CKC will test cabling to make sure bandwidth is appropriate for what you need.

Don’t Know What’s There

Surprises are never good for business. What if you get up in the ceiling or behind a wall only to find something you don’t know how to work around? Insulation, mold, pipes, electrical lines, ventilation, structural beams, and other network cabling lines may get in the way of your planned install. Do you know how to mitigate those obstacles? CKC does! Plus, if you’ve already shut down some aspects of your building for the network cabling install, an additional delay only makes your downtime worse.

Network Cabling Installation by CKC Data Solutions

CKC Data Solutions specializes in the installation of telecommunications solutions for your facility, including network cable. If you’re considering a do-it-yourself network cabling installation, give us a call first. Contact CKC Data Solutions or call (417) 812-5251 for helpful information on our professional installation services.

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