How Does BICSI Perform Audits of Network Cable Installers?

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Regulations exist for the purpose of safety. This is the same in the realm of Network Cable Installations and data centers. We believe that safety, security, and maintained standards are the ultimate pathway to day-to-day operations and smooth expansions for the growth of client organizations. Our experts at CKC Data Solutions will discuss an important tool used to maintain standards and expectations in the data industry in today’s blog: The Audit. 

What Is An Audit?

An audit is an examination that occurs to determine how up-to-date, correctly implemented, and how maintained the network cable installation within an organization is. Part of certification with BICSI includes passing such an audit for all practices involved with the Network Cable Installers in charge of wiring an organization. 

Reasons For An Audit

Being audited can feel like a negative experience. We work hard to make sure our clients are informed that an audit is the ultimate tool of safety for your organization. An audit means checking to be sure your network infrastructure is up to par with BICSI standards. If it is, your system will be running at maximum efficiency and potential within the data industry. If it isn’t, we can fix it to be! 

Reasons For An Audit Include:

  • Reasonable doubt on the status or stability of a current data center:
    • Level of Resilience
    • Survivability
    • Code Conformance 
  • Refurbishment, or expansion
  • Marketing Purposes
    • Internal proof of quality
    • External proof of quality

Recertification Audit

According to the BICSI handbook, all BICSI’s certification holders are required to pass an audit to confirm they can withhold the standards of BICSI policy when their certification expires. This is to ensure there are no cut corners when it comes to network cable installations. This audit is performed through the Continuing Education Recertification program and must be completed to receive the new certification. 

BICSI & CKC Data Solutions

At CKC Data Solutions, we recognize the importance of a changing technological environment. This is why we work hard to maintain code standards for all of our partnered organizations. The safety and clarity of our client’s day-to-day routines is our ultimate priority. Contact us or call (417) 812-5251 for more information on what we can do for your business.

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