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Information communication technology, or ICT, is necessary for your business as the invisible backbone of your computer network. Without the right ICT system in place, your company could struggle with slow load times, too many devices on an aging infrastructure, or Wi-Fi dead spots where you need coverage.

Take a look at our answers to frequently asked questions about ICT systems. ICT has been called the backbone of the fourth industrial revolution as it has made the development of technologies cheaper and more scalable.

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What is ICT?

Information communication technology encompasses the infrastructure and components that allow modern computing and information exchange to happen quickly, efficiently, and securely.

What are the main components of an ICT system?

Many components make up an ICT system, allowing people and devices to communicate in the digital world.

  • Internet access points, such as servers, transmitters, antennas.
  • Data transmission lines, like fiber optic cables and Ethernet cables.
  • Hardware, including computers, smartphones, tablets, IoT devices, and specialized equipment.
  • Software, such as operating systems, security platforms, applications, and communications management systems.
  • The data that travels among all of the physical objects associated with ICT, like data that facilities transactions and processes.

If it’s digital, it’s part of an ICT. Cloud computing is part of ICT because it utilizes data that travels along transmission lines and wireless signals. Robots are also part of ICT since they are connected to systems that manage them and transmit data.

What are the four main types of ICT?

Contemporary ICT consists of four main types:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Telephone
  • Internet

In modernized countries such as the United States and Europe, the internet is replacing radio, television, and telephone slowly but surely, particularly with younger technology users who prefer digital-only communications.

Why do companies need to invest in robust ICT systems? 

ICT continually evolves and advances. It brings companies new ways to innovate as they explore more relevant ways to compete and do business.

Cost Savings

ICT can automate many processes through real-time communication, allowing companies to reduce downtime and make labor costs more efficient. When businesses add in robots, like those on automobile production lines or in fast food restaurant kitchens, it can save companies money on labor costs by having one person oversee several machines at once versus needing to pay salaries or benefits for many employees. Plus, robots don’t call in sick.


Overwhelmed data lines and having paper resources slow your processes down. Modern ICT makes your processes more convenient by making mundane tasks easier or eliminating them through automation. Your staff has time to focus on higher-level things such as strategic planning, data analysis, and sales.


Analytics platforms can gather data from varied sources, giving employees robust tools to make decisions. Whether your team collects information from welding machines, lathes, accounting software, procurement platforms, or temperature sensors in your building, the right analytics tools can crunch numbers from all of your data to see patterns that otherwise would have disparate connections. When your team sees these patterns, they can make smarter strategic choices.

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We Can Install Telecommunications Infrastructure at Your Business

CKC Data Solutions has nearly three decades of combined experience in the telecommunications industry, bringing our design certifications to every project. Our team will appraise your current situation to help bring your existing telecommunications infrastructure up to modern standards, especially as ICT needs advance.

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