Communication Solutions Every Business Needs to Compete in the 21st Century

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Everyone knows that connectivity is everywhere. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are all over your facility when people attend meetings, check on how a production line is doing, and serve customers. 

Although we understand that telecommunications technology is everywhere, are you using it properly?

Take a look at what your business needs for communication solutions if you want to compete in the 21st century.

Collaboration Communication Solutions

Collaboration apps and social intranet choices are becoming increasingly popular for businesses. Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and other communication apps keep your remote teams on the same page for quick chats and video conferences from any location. Platforms like, Asana, and Trello also give your teams opportunities to meet deadlines, share files, and easily keep people on task.

Social intranet requires the right security and telecommunication protocols. If you have a lot of staff on-site, you must make sure that wireless internet access works throughout your facility for your tablets and laptops to stay connected. 

You’ll need a wireless site survey and perhaps more antennas for communication solutions to make sure everything works where it needs to.

Hosted VoIP Communication Solutions

Does your business rely on telephone communications every day?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can help you use your excess bandwidth to run a complicated phone system. Even if you’re not a contact center, a business with many employees who take calls every day can benefit from VoIP.

But your telecommunications needs must be set up right. You’ll also need to make sure your current bandwidth can handle the additional load. Consider having a backup server in case your first one goes down.

Your communication solutions here would include adding network cabling and perhaps fiber optics to make sure your building can handle the load and get your team ready for better telecommunications protocols in the future.

Videoconferencing Communication Solutions

Videoconferencing has become the norm not only for remote teams working from home but also for client and customer communications to save on travel costs. 

Improving videoconferencing technology has come down in price. High-definition microphones that pick up every nuanced sound, cameras with multiple viewing systems that focus on the speaker, and HDTV monitors bring the ultimate virtual meeting experience to life in your conference rooms.

Communication solutions for videoconferencing include having enough capabilities to handle the digital audio and video transmission for a seamless experience. You’ll need to make sure your wireless system and cabling are configured correctly.

Communication Solutions for Your Business

CKC Data Solutions can appraise your current situation to help bring your current telecommunications infrastructure up to modern standards and beyond. The right airblown fiber optics can future-proof your communication solutions for the next two to three decades.

Every building’s situation is unique, your facility requires a custom solution.

Contact us or call (417) 812-5251 for more information.

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