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CKC Data Solutions specializes in the installation of network and data cabling throughout your facility.

Today, our expert team answers frequently asked questions about network and data cabling companies.

What do network and data cabling companies do?

Network and data cabling companies handle telecommunications infrastructure for facilities, residences, and commercial properties.

Their basic duties include sourcing and installation of:

  • Cable racks
  • Data cabinets
  • Patch panels
  • Overhead trays
  • Raised flooring
  • Various types of cables, such as Ethernet, coaxial, and fiber optics

What is the process like when working with a network and data cabling company?

Staffers on a network and data cabling company start by talking to you about your company’s telecommunications needs.

For example, we will ask you what pain points you’re experiencing with regard to your telecommunications systems. Are your staffers experiencing slow load times on computers? Are mobile devices losing their connectivity suddenly? Is your cable management a mess?

After that, we will come to your facility to take notes. We’ll run a wireless heat map if your facility has Wi-Fi dead spots, look at your data cabling and server setup, and your cabling infrastructure.

What is a network and data cabling company?

A cabling company specializes in installing and connecting telecommunications cables throughout your facility. Your chosen contractor may run cables in the ceiling, walls, and even under temporary floors like you’ll find in a data center. 

How long does it take a network and data cabling company to work in my facility?

Once we’re ready for the installation, it may take an afternoon or up to a week to install your telecommunications infrastructure. It depends on the size of your building and the complexity of the setup.

How do I become a cabler at a network and data cabling company?

Some companies will hire you without any experience and then train you for certifications. Others require you to be certified first. CKC Data Solutions hires first and then trains once you’re onboarded.

How many people work for network and data cabling companies?

More than 175,000 people work for network and data cabling companies across North America, based on the certification numbers from BICSI and CNET Training.

CKC Data Solution is a member of BICSI.

Who can help my company install data and network cabling in Springfield, MO?

Contact CKC Data Solutions or call (417) 812-5251 for more information on how we can help take your business to the next level with world-class telecommunications infrastructure. 

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