10 Benefits of Hiring a Data Cabling Company

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Network cabling. It’s not something you think about every day until you realize you may need more of it to handle your telecommunications needs in the future. Do you need more Ethernet cabling, or will your facility’s wireless network fail to handle your additional mobile devices?

These questions and more provide many reasons to hire a data cabling company.

1. Knowledgeable of Current Trends in Telecommunications

Our team frequently receives updates from our vendors and suppliers on the newest trends in telecommunications protocols and technologies, whether it’s about 5G networks, IP cameras with improved resolution, or a more efficient air-blown fiber optic machine.

Technology trends go beyond just basic knowledge. We receive factory training on the newest hardware, software, and installation techniques. Our team also ensures your cabling needs will future-proof your technology for decades, not years, to come.

2. Faster Installs

Professional data cabling companies are trained to install and set up your system according to your specifications. They know how to distribute personnel and equipment throughout your facility during an installation. 

You’ll get a much smoother project from start to finish with a data cabling company partnering with you.

3. Fewer Errors

Because your chosen data cabling contractor is factory trained and certified, there are fewer errors during an installation. Imagine getting up in your subceiling to take a look at where you need to send your data cables. You send a bundle of cables 10 feet in front of you and then 90 degrees to the left before sending it 50 feet to the other side of your building. You lower the cable from the ceiling and get it ready to plug into the server. 

Only the cable is now in the break room and not the server room. You have to extract the cable and send it in the other direction to the server room, and you just wasted an hour of time not recognizing where the cable needed to go. Meanwhile, that’s time you could have spent focusing on your core business, or maybe part of your system was down for a while.

This is just an example, but a certified data cable company would avoid such mistakes on a project.

4. Optimal Project Organization

Professional network data companies know how to design network systems for optimal performance, usage, and future growth. Our project managers are trained and certified in this principle.

For instance, we can design fiber optics to run through your large facility and then use Ethernet cables to connect machines to the server using cable management. Then we’ll map out where you should have better wireless broadcasting to make sure there are no dead zones in your coverage. We’ll also make sure your fiber optic conduits or cable management can handle higher bandwidths with more cable in 10 to 20 years when your telecommunications needs increase.

5. Support After the Installation

If you or your staff has any questions about the hardware or software we install after we’re on-site, we can answer your questions as soon as we can. 

6. Warranties on Products

Many product warranties are only enforceable when the hardware is installed by licensed or certified technicians. These warranties come in handy on equipment that has a 25-year warranty in case something happens due to a factory defect.

7. Diagnosing Issues Becomes Easier

If your telecommunications network experiences downtime at some point in the future, structured cabling installation can lead to a much quicker fix compared to a disorganized system. If there is a problem with a connection, cable, server, or piece of hardware, a data cable installer can tap into the system, find out where the problem is, and get a fix going sooner rather than later, making sure your downtime is as small as possible.

8. Better Security

With every installation, we make sure you have the proper security protocols in place to protect your software and hardware from threats. Structured cable systems, when installed correctly, offer better security features compared to systems installed by non-certified personnel. When you consider the problems of cybersecurity facing small and medium-sized businesses, your need for network security becomes clear.

9. Improved Integration

Network cabling must work with the technology you have on hand but also prepare your company for future telecommunications needs. Data cabling companies will show you how to simplify your telecommunications infrastructure among many types of equipment and machines, including laptops, PCs, mobile devices, and specialized equipment like industrial machines on factory lines.

10. Locally Owned & Operated

Choose a data cabling company that’s locally owned and operated. If you have any questions, you’ll get a live person answering the phone rather than being shuttled through an extensive scavenger hunt of pushing buttons to get from one choice to another in an automated phone system. 

CKC Data Solutions can appraise your current situation to help bring your existing telecommunications infrastructure up to modern standards and beyond. 

Every building’s situation is unique, your facility requires a custom solution.

Contact us or call (417) 812-5251 for more information.

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