Why Air-Blown Fiber Optics Are an Incredible Innovation in Telecommunications

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CKC Data Solutions specializes in air-blown fiber optic cable installations for buildings and facilities, particularly throughout Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. 

More and more companies accept air-blown fiber as the standard even though this technology started in the 1990s. With ever-growing telecommunications needs that expand every five years or so, air-blown fiber installs offer a cost-effective way to innovate.

Today’s blog from CKC explains why air-blown fiber optics are an incredible innovation in telecommunications. 

How do air-blown fiber optics reduce labor costs of an install?

Fiber optic cable installations often incur labor costs well above the supply costs. Installs for traditional fiber are 80 percent labor and 20 percent supplies. Air-blown fiber reduces labor costs for future installation. When you need more fiber optic cable at some future point, air-blown cable installs may take less than a day because the infrastructure is already in place. You might save up to 70 to 90 percent of labor costs on the second install. Your individual results may vary.

How does air-blown fiber optic cable eliminate or reduce downtime?

Air-blown fiber doesn’t necessitate downtime during the installation. The reason comes from the air-blown fiber system provides a point-to-point (PTP), continuous, and splice-free optical fiber run. This system eliminates potential points of network failure. 

Not splicing fiber cables means it takes significantly less time to troubleshoot a potential network problem. We can also speed up network restorations, resulting in the elimination or significant reduction of network downtime.

Why does air-blown fiber optic cable mean more efficient tubing?

Air-blown fiber optic cables use micro-conduits and efficient use of tubing space throughout your telecommunications infrastructure. You can easily delineate which conduits attach to various systems, such as internet servers, wireless hubs, or dedicated machinery. This reduces confusion when determining ownership, network components, and the destination of the fiber.

How does air-blown fiber optic cable keep pace with emerging technology?

The biggest advantage of air-blown fiber optic comes from future-proofing your telecommunications infrastructure. Consider new 5G wireless technologies, gigabit internet, video conferencing and streaming, wireless and mobile devices, as well as IoT devices in manufacturing facilities. As technology advances, so do your telecommunications requirements. 

Air-blown fiber optics allow us to install any number of fiber optic cables as you upgrade your facility and without much (if any) downtime.

Who can install air-blown fiber optic cable in Springfield, Missouri?

CKC Data Solutions. Is your facility prepared for coming telecommunications upgrades and standards? If you’re not sure, contact CKC Data Solutions or call (417) 812-5251 and we’ll assess your needs and have an honest conversation about how we can proceed forward.

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