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CKC Data Solutions specializes in telecommunications infrastructure installation, including air blown fiber optics for your business. This revolutionary installation method can save you money over the long term as you expand your telecommunications infrastructure.

Today, our expert team answers FAQs about air blown fiber optic cable solutions. 

What is air blown fiber?

Air blown fiber describes the process by which installers place fiber optic cable using compressed air.

How does air blown fiber work?

Compressed air, usually nitrogen, reduces friction between the microfiber cable jacket as it travels through a very small duct as part of a conduit system. Special jackets on the fiber casing lower the friction of the cable traveling through the conduit.

How does a fiber blower work?

Fiber blowers, also called jetting machines, are specially designed to deploy and install fiber optic cables using micro-ducts. We put a weight on the front of the cable, similar to a bullet, and then we use pneumatic motors and a tank of compressed air (usually nitrogen) to move the cable through hundreds or thousands of feet of conduit.

What is microfiber fiber optic cable?

Microfiber cables are specially designed for air blown fiber cables. They are compact and lightweight while maximizing efficiency due to high fiber content within a small cable diameter. Cables can have as many as 144 fibers in them at the maximum diameter.

Why install air blown fiber optic cables?

Air blown fiber optics offers several benefits:

  • May pay for itself by the second install
  • Reduces labor costs on future installs
  • Eliminates or reduces downtime during installation
  • Tubing and microfibers save space in conduits
  • Keeps pace with emerging technologies, like 5G and gigabit

Where does air blown fiber optic cable go?

Air blown fiber optics go inside buildings. They are best for when you have long distances to travel through the facility, even when installing miles of cables.

How fast does air blown fiber move?

Anywhere from 150 to 200 feet per minute.

How long can air blown fiber travel between points?

Around 4,000 feet within a building.

Can air blown fiber optics make 90-degree turns?

Yes, provided the test run goes through properly ahead of installing the fiber itself.

Who can install air blown fiber optic cable solutions for my company?

Professional and certified installers are an excellent investment for your air blown fiber installation. We install telecommunications infrastructure at your business, facility, corporate office, warehouse, and more. 

Contact CKC Data Solutions or call (417) 812-5251 for more information on how we can help take your business to the next level with air blown fiber optics.

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