How IP Camera Solutions Work for Effective Security

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Internet protocol (IP) cameras offer a wide range of solutions for security at your facility. Rather than closed-circuit cameras limited by physical lines and infrastructure, IP cameras offer versatility and flexibility in your facility. CKC Data Solutions explains how IP cameras work for effective security.

The Basics

As you may have guessed, IP cameras use an internet-based infrastructure to transmit images and information. Transmission protocols may be hardwired, wireless, or both. In this respect, they’re similar to webcams. Unlike a webcam, an IP camera doesn’t need a computer to transmit video through the internet.

Transmitting Images

IP camera solutions transmit images through Ethernet cables to a router at your facility. Each camera has its own dedicated wire. Cables ensure the actual camera itself can’t be hacked remotely at the site of the camera. Once the images reach the router, you can choose how to view the images from this point. 

Within the building itself, images typically go to a monitor or video wall that has multiple viewpoints at the same time. Viewing the images on a mobile device usually allows for one view at a time. You can view images securely on mobile devices with the right credentials to log in to your security systems.


One major plus of IP camera solutions is that the system easily expands. If you add to your building or need additional cameras, you don’t have to redo the entire system. Many modern systems allow you to expand to as many cameras as can connect to a router. Home-based systems typically support eight to 16 cameras. Industrial buildings have much greater expandability because they already have infrastructure for many connected devices.

Wide Range of Cameras

IP cameras have a wide range of capabilities and applications. Cameras can be stationary or move in 360 degrees. Do you need ordinary views with digital color, or do you require infrared views for nighttime and outdoors? Motion-tripped cameras only activate when they sense motion, which works well if you need to monitor a room that stays dark all of the time until someone enters it.

Smart Searches

Here’s how security software for IP cameras really makes a difference. Smart searching allows you to find video elements in your archive intelligently. You can set the sensitivity from very low to high, depending on what you prefer. Duration can be for a short or long period. You can choose a box that showcases an area of interest, such as a safe, cash box, doorway, or register. 

The staff at CKC Data Solutions will train your personnel on how to use smart searching so you don’t waste hours and hours looking through useless footage. Instead, you can hone in on a specified time frame and area.

IP Camera Systems by CKC Data Solutions

Talk to the experts at CKC Data Solutions about an IP camera system for your facility today. We use top brands, robust software, and top security protocols to ensure the safety and security of your building. Contact CKC Data Solutions or call (417) 812-5251 for more information on what our team can do!

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