Fiber Optic Industry Trends to Watch for 2021

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CKC Data Solutions specializes in fiber optic cable installation as well as telecommunications, access control, and electronic security solutions. In today’s blog, we take a look at fiber optic industry trends for 2021.

Commercial Projects Grow Considerably

Fiber optic cabling projects are growing at a fast pace due to new 5G cellular towers. As such, facilities and municipalities need the infrastructure to match. Fiber optic cables at each 5G tower allow for fast data transmission speeds between cell towers and landline phone systems.

More People Working Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything because people worked from home more often. Even as companies open up more and restrictions are eased, companies recognized the value of having employees work from home. More and more installers may see demands rise for new and existing homes alike because data needs to be transmitted clearly through home fiber-optic networks.

Entertainment & Streaming Rules  

Streaming services are driving a lot of content. Rather than traditional cable companies, more and more consumers are turning to streaming movies and TV shows. With 4K streaming on the horizon and sucking up more bandwidth, single- and multi-family homes will need more fiber optics installed. 


The Internet of Things (IoT) relies on wireless communications, and wireless communications need fiber optics. Telehealth applications for IoT are huge now, particularly when medical devices and wearables flood the market. So not only do wireless towers need more fiber optics for 5G, but medical facilities will need more data transmissions and higher speeds to keep pace with the innovation in the telecommunications industry. 

Fiber Optic Installation by CKC Data Solutions

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