Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Cybersecurity Risks and How to Mitigate Them

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Threats to IT assets are everywhere. Malware through email. Ransomware through a hacked device. A loss of personal information through a weak link in your cybersecurity infrastructure.

The telecommunications infrastructure experts at CKC Data Solutions will guide you through what to do to protect your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and devices from risks.

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Artificial Intelligence Can Help and Harm

Artificial intelligence (AI) has helped software and platforms become more efficient as systems learn how to think like a human. The downside is that AI can also be used to develop more dangerous malware to attack software systems. 

What is the best way to combat this new threat? Turn to AI-enabled threat detection systems that can predict new cyberattacks while notifying system administrators of an attack. AI makes more efficient use of computing power to detect threats, even unknown ones because AI doesn’t rely on a database of known attack mechanisms. Instead, it can extrapolate information from previous threats to learn what a cyberattack does and how it can infect a computer system.

Mobile Devices Still Remain Vulnerable

With billions of mobile devices out there, it’s important to keep their operating systems updated. The reason these devices need updates is that it will make them less vulnerable to threats as their developers understand and adapt to new threats. 

This is also true with tablets used in your facility. Although many updates occur automatically when devices turn on and off, make sure each device is set properly to update without any prompting to users. Also, make sure administrators have the right access to cloud-based apps. This will allow them to make updates and manage access should someone at your company leave, thereby lessening the odds of vulnerabilities due to human error.

IoT & 5G Moves Forward

IoT devices will number around 14.4 billion connections in 2022, and that number is supposed to nearly double to 27 billion by 2025. Firmware is what keeps IoT devices operating at peak efficiency. And hacking into firmware can cause minor hiccups at best and total shutdowns at worst.

Back in 2016, a massive DDOS attack took down Twitter and other websites when hackers found vulnerabilities in smart fridges and DVRs. Anything connected to the internet through wireless capabilities can face similar challenges. Every IoT device must have regular updates to combat vulnerabilities when developers understand the latest threats.  

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We Can Install Telecommunications Infrastructure at Your Business

CKC Data Solutions has nearly three decades of combined experience in the telecommunications industry. Our team will appraise your current situation to help bring your existing telecommunications infrastructure up to modern standards, including performing a wireless site survey to ensure every inch of your facility has coverage.

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