Commercial Access Control Trends to Watch in 2023

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Access control continues to expand as technology gets better, faster, smaller, and more widespread. The best part of access control in 2023 is that a large segment of the industry uses technology already in place to make your facility more secure. 

Find out the top trends in access control for 2023.

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Video Access Control Through Mobile Devices

Companies have had video access control in place for decades using CCTV. The latest trends include melding your IP cameras with mobile functionality for access control. Think about accessing your security cameras and locking systems through your mobile device or smartphone. When someone needs access to your building after hours, you can take care of this remotely without coming into the office or handing out an extra key.

Biometrics Continue to Improve

We’ve all heard of fingerprint scanners and facial recognition. These technologies continue to improve and get better every year, even though the technology does have a long way to go. Consider upgrading your existing security to biometrics for more effective security measures that can’t be tampered with.

Security Convergence

Access control and IT security are seemingly disparate technologies as one deals with physical security, and the other focuses on telecommunications security and hacking. However, more and more access control systems have mobile and cloud-based controls. If someone hacks into your systems or network, your access control system could be taken over or held hostage with ransomware. Consider bundling your access control and cybersecurity with similar systems to have a unified approach that could save you money over the long term.

Multi-Factor Authentication  

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) makes it harder for someone to breach your systems and provides greater security. For example, someone may need to present an ID card as well as a fingerprint scan to gain access to a secure area. The reason for this is that ID cards can be stolen. You might also consider using a mobile app for identification as part of MFA by having your employee download a mobile app. Much like a vehicle unlocks a door when the driver gets close, a door can unlock when it senses the mobile device nearby.  

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We Can Install Access Control Systems at Your Business

CKC Data Solutions can install a high-quality, top-of-the-line access control system at your facility to keep your people and assets secure. 

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