FAQs About Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions & Installation

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Need to install a communication system for your business but have questions? You’ve come to the right place!

At CKC Data Solutions, we regularly partner with businesses to provide turnkey solutions based on your requirements and needs. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about fiber optic cabling solutions to get you started.

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How long does fiber optic cabling installation take?

Installing fiber optic cabling can take several weeks from the initial consultation, but it’s difficult to provide a set timeline without first identifying specific project parameters. 

Generally speaking though, your installation timeline will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your building’s proximity to fiber resources.
  • Whether you need special permits to install it.
  • How many entry points your building has (fiber typically needs two).
  • What existing conduits are available.
  • Whether you need to construct an additional telecommunication closet to store your additional network systems and devices.
  • The company you choose for installation.

What happens during fiber optic installation?

When you decide to opt for fiber optic installation, the first step is a site survey from a provider’s technician to review site requirements. The site requirements include determining a functional path from a fiber provider’s network to the network boundary point, or demarc, ensuring sufficient power and proper grounding of equipment, and adhering to all space and environmental regulations.

Then, once the site requirements are complete, a technician can install the fiber, test it, and schedule a tune-up with the customer (you!). This includes the placement of fiber optics, splicing (fusing two or more fibers together), and infrastructure.

How much downtime is there during fiber optic installation?

There is very little or no downtime during fiber optic installation if you go with air-blown fiber. Fiber optic cabling is installed parallel to any existing service so your business can remain fully operational and effective during the entire installation process.

How much does commercial fiber optic installation cost?

The cost of fiber optic installation will depend on the fiber optic cabling solutions you choose to install and the company you choose for installation. For a precise quote, contact CKC Data Solutions.

Why do I need fiber optics?

There are many benefits of fiber optics for commercial businesses, such as:

  • Faster downloads, uploads, and backups
  • More reliable network
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Better customer experiences
  • Reduced environmental impact

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Have more questions about fiber optic cabling solutions? Contact CKC Data Solutions

Some of these questions and answers are highly individualized and will depend on the needs of your business. At CKC Data Solutions, we can provide you with an individualized quote and address questions that are specific to your business. Call (417) 812-5251 or contact us online for more details.

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